Join a New Video Competition: What climate & energy actions would you demand of world leaders at the 2012 Earth Summit?

We are partnering with other organizations to launch a new competition – “Win a Date with History”.  This is your chance to let world leader’s know exactly what you want them to do at the 2012 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Have a powerful speaking voice, good with videos, better with poems, great singer, or can act?  Then we want to see your best video telling world leaders what actions you want them to implement to put the world on a more sustainable path.  What climate and energy actions would you want world leaders to commit at the 2012 Earth Summit (see here for some background on some key actions we are demanding)? 

Watch this video on the competition to know why and read this post for more details on the effort):

Think world leaders need to finally phase-out the fossil fuel subsidies that are helping to drive global warming and tilting the incentive away from clean energy investments?  Enter your best compelling video showing world leaders why it is time to finally implement their commitments to phase-out fossil fuel subsidies by enshrining specific phase-out schedules in their national law.  After all, 53 countries have taken international commitments to reform and phase-out their fossil fuel but these countries have yet to follow through on this pledge. [Want some background on the situation see here and here.]

Want your leader to scale-up renewable energy so that wind, solar, geothermal, and the tides are meeting our energy needs instead of energy sources that cause global warming?  Submit your video with your best speech, skit, song, etc demanding that leaders take stronger national actions to more than triple the amount of wind, solar, geothermal, and tidal power that is used throughout the world. At least 119 countries had some type of national policy target or renewable support policy in 2010 but the existing actions aren’t strong enough. [Want some information on where things stand see here and here.]

Believe we waste too much energy providing our lighting, heating and cooling our homes, or driving our cars? Enter your best video that compels more countries and companies to phase out inefficient light bulbs.  Or let your leader know that you want them to require more energy-sipping appliances, buildings, and vehicles.  After all, these actions will save consumers money, reduce the need for new power plants, and help address global warming.  [Want more background see here and here.]

Want your refrigerator or air conditioner to not use a “super greenhouse gas” which drives global warming? Demand in a video that governments commit to phase down HFCs and other "super greenhouse gases" under the Montreal Protocol.  Over 108 countries have already urged for such an agreement, but a small handful of countries are stopping the negotiation from even beginning.  After all, phasing-down these gases will make an important contribution to addressing global warming in the near-term. [Need more information on this issue see here and here.]

Did we miss something?  Join the competition and convince world leaders why they should they should implement a specific global warming or clean energy action that you are demanding. 

And, let your friends know about the competition so they can join:

We want to see what you would say to world leaders if given a chance.  After all, as one of our partners in this effort said:

“no one has a more important stake in the outcome of Rio +20 than the under-30s that will inherit this planet…it is our children – and our grandchildren, and theirs – who will have to deal with the consequences of the decisions that happen (or don't) in Rio.”

We hope that you’ll join the competition and let your voice be heard!