An Open Challenge to the Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal

To the Editors of the Wall Street Journal:

Your January 19, 2011 editorial, “Obama’s Rules Revelation,” accused the Environmental Protection Agency of “rewriting environmental law with almost no scrutiny,” and of “re-regulating conventional air pollutants, often bypassing the usual notice and public comment.”

Prove it.

I challenge you to identify, publicly, specific instances in which the current EPA is committing the sins prompting your accusations.

And since you appear to believe these EPA abuses are rampant, I invite you to select meaningful examples that bear out one of your other charges, that rules “impede job creation and economic growth.”

You present your charges as facts to your readers, so I trust it will not burden you to recite those supporting facts that your editorial omitted. Irritating space limitations I imagine.

                                                                                             John Walke

                                                                                     Washington, D.C.