Albany Times Union Echoes Polls, Calls for Fracking Slowdown

We couldn’t agree more with today’s editorial in Albany’s Times Union entitled “Yes, a drilling moratorium.” And according to poll after recent poll showing a majority of New Yorkers are worried about fracking, it would seem we’re not alone.

The editorial echoes NRDC’s repeated calls for the state not to move forward before we have the science to understand what the real risks to our health are. Excerpt below:

“Whether you feel that natural gas fracking is the economic salvation of New York or an environmental disaster waiting to happen, there is one indisputable fact about it: The science is not in. Not by a long shot. And that’s why a moratorium in New York makes sense.

“State leaders who have vowed to let science guide their decision on whether to allow high-volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing could show they mean what they say by declaring that the idea is off the table at least until some serious study is done.”

This editorial is just the latest example of the tremendous support in the state for Governor Cuomo to take the time to get it right. As the Times Union writes today, regarding the recent polling: “…perhaps [New Yorkers are] finally saying what the state of New York ought to be saying: ‘Safe? Prove it. We can wait.’”

The administration would be wise to heed these calls.

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