Preserving the wonder of the seas for our kids as the oil keeps gushing

The largest oil disaster in American history continues to gush and grow in the Gulf of Mexico. With adults everywhere feeling helpless and horrified, as a mother I can’t help but wonder how our children nationwide are feeling.

After all, oceans have always been places of wonder and imagination. They are full of mysterious creatures – from the beautiful to the bizarre – deep below the surface. To see them smothered in oil is heartbreaking.

That’s why – especially with the United Nations’ annual World Oceans Day approaching next week (June 8) – I wanted to share something positive with anyone out there with kids who love the sea (whether it’s for the sandcastles or the sharks). Or really, for anyone in need of a little break from dealing with the horrifying disaster in the Gulf.

OCEANS ARE features original MUSIC by Sam Lardner designed to teach kids ages 5-13 and their families about the problems facing the world's oceans and what we need to do to CHANGE.  Its an inspiration in these dark days, and can empower our kids that they can help give our oceans a healthy future.

Check it out. And if they’re moved – you might even send a letter to Congress together here, telling them America’s children deserve a future of clean energy that can’t spill or run out.