NRDC Stands with New York to Oppose Offshore Drilling

Mark Izeman speaking at Governor Cuomo's Press Conference
Credit: Eric Goldstein

Today, I was pleased to speak at New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's press conference announcing the introduction of a 'Save Our Waters' bill to protect New York State waters from the harms of offshore oil and gas drilling.

My colleague Sarah Chasis, Director of NRDC's Oceans work, has noted that, "Today's important action by Governor Cuomo sends a message that New York is unwilling to accept the risks that come with offshore drilling.  The Trump administration's proposal for oil and gas leasing would threaten nearly all of our coastal waters, and the coastal economy we rely on for food, jobs and recreation.  Hundreds of thousands of New York jobs and billions of state dollars depend on clean, oil-free water and beaches and abundant fish and wildlife.  There's no reason to be courting danger with drilling.  We should be investing in a clean energy future." 

I added in my remarks at the press conference that our federal government is ignoring the clear evidence that "fossil fuels are no longer economically or environmentally sustainable."  And that NRDC is grateful to the Governor for proposing a bill "that says no to offshore oil."

Here's how you can help protect New York's waters and tell Washington to protect our coast!

Below are my full remarks at the Governor's press conference.

Thank you, Governor Cuomo!

In these challenging days, it is encouraging for all of us to see New York State taking action and defending our planet and our future.

All New Yorkers stand with you to oppose the federal offshore drilling plan.

This plan is a danger to our environment, to our economy, and to our values here in New York.

Hundreds of thousands of New York jobs, and billions of state dollars depend on clean, oil-free water and beaches – as well as abundant fish and wildlife.  

And drilling or exploration anywhere along the East Coast would put New York at risk.

Oil spills don’t stop at state boundaries and can be carried far along the coastline. Our state’s fishermen catch species that move throughout the region.

The administration in Washington is willfully ignoring the risks and the clear evidence that fossil fuels are no longer economically or environmentally sustainable. 

Whatever happens in Washington, the legislation you are proposing today will help protect New York’s water ---  while delivering a strong message that New York refuses to allow the federal government to dismantle decades of environmental progress.

At NRDC, we stand shoulder to shoulder with the State of New York in doing everything we can to prevent offshore drilling.

We also want to thank all of our partners here today who day in and day out have been fighting for a cleaner, better future, for this state and for this country.

And we are grateful to Governor Cuomo for proposing this bill that says no to offshore oil.