New website offers opportunity to weigh in on how to fix LA's traffic

Los Angeles' City Planning Department just launched a new website for folks to discuss and express ideas about our city’s transportation problems.  If you’ve ever complained about LA’s traffic or wished LA had better public transportation options, this site is for you. is designed to be “an interactive virtual ‘town hall’ website dedicated to soliciting ideas and conversations about mobility and transportation.”  It’s an online forum, where anyone can post ideas and comment on other people’s ideas.

This effort by the city is unique in that they are trying to foster online public dialogue on ways to improve how we all get around the perpetually traffic-choked region.  The ultimate goal is to collect comments and ideas, and then incorporate them into the Mobility Element of the city’s General Plan. 

It is a pretty interesting and easy-to-navigate website, and I encourage people to check it out.  It could be cool if a lot of people participate to really get an active stream of input from people across the city.  

The site is brand new and the discussion is just beginning, but the more people participate, the better it will be and the better LA’s transportation options may be in the future.

Check it out, and join the discussion!