Make Your School a Solar School

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported our Solar Schools initiative. We are 42% of the way to reaching our goal in less than 2 weeks!

And during that time, we’ve been hearing from people - like you - from all over the country who are eager to help bring solar to their schools. In response to your enthusiasm, we have decided to expand our pilot program and open the Solar Schools online platform to every community that helps us reach our goal by mobilizing 30 people to vote for their school or school district.

And for the 3 school communities that get the most people to vote, we will provide in-person training as well as ongoing support and mentoring during their projects.

To vote, simply make a contribution of $10 or more to Solar Schools, and we will send you an email with a code that you can use to nominate your school or school district.

Here's a map of the votes that we've received to-date:

View Votes & Nominations: Solar Schools pilot locations in a full screen map

Check back for regular updates and standings. Thanks again for helping to spread the word about Solar Schools far and wide!