Broad Support for Climate Legislation

An outpouring of support for climate legislation followed yesterday's introduction of legislative text by Senators Kerry and Lieberman. Here is a sample:

Alstom: "By acting to establish such a legal framework as soon as possible, the US Congress can help stimulate the economy, create skilled jobs, and safeguard competitiveness.”

American Businesses For Clean Energy: "American businesses, large and small, are urging Congress to act in order to make the United States a world leader in clean energy technology, reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources, and create millions of new jobs.

Senators Kerry and Lieberman have worked diligently to craft a bill that will have bipartisan support. This is a critical moment in the legislative debate. Now, is the time for Senate leadership and its members to act.”

BICEP: "America can no longer wait to solve these problems, which seriously threaten our economy, our security and our environment.  Now is the time, with a large and growing bipartisan coalition from the business, national security, faith and environmental communities in place, to pass a strong bill that creates many thousands of clean energy jobs, puts our country on the path to energy independence and places a meaningful ceiling on carbon pollution.”

Business Council for Sustainable Energy: "On behalf of the BCSE, I commend Senators Kerry and Lieberman for their commitment to addressing our nation's most crucial challenges--energy security, economic growth, and environmental sustainability.  Given the proper regulatory certainty and long-term market signals, America's energy efficiency, renewable energy, and natural gas industries stand ready to reinvigorate our nation's manufacturing sector, firmly establish the US as the global leader in clean energy technologies, and put Americans to work."

Dow: "The certainty of a comprehensive, sustainable energy plan will allow manufacturing companies like Dow to make investments in clean energy that will power the American economy, foster innovation, optimize our domestic energy resources and allow the U.S. to capture the lead in the global clean energy market . . . Today the Senate begins a process of additional deliberation to produce final legislation. Dow will continue to support this process with the aim of passing a bill that garners bipartisan support that creates new jobs, improves our energy security, drives innovation and protects our environment."

Duke Energy: "Senators Kerry and Lieberman’s energy bill will create jobs, protect electricity consumers, make our nation’s energy supply more secure, and protect our environment. Their leadership – and the efforts of Senator Lindsey Graham to craft this legislation – is extraordinary. The legislation can help the U.S. get its economic “mojo” back."

DuPont: "DuPont applauds the leadership of Senators Kerry and Lieberman in taking an important step forward towards the enactment of clean energy and climate legislation that is environmentally effective and economically sustainable… We urge all senators to engage on this important issue.”

Entergy: “Senators Kerry and Lieberman are to be commended for their leadership in introducing meaningful climate change legislation and, in doing so, helping the United States take a major step forward in solving the biggest challenge of our time. With vital assistance from Senator Graham, Senators Kerry and Lieberman have provided the Senate with an excellent proposal for a comprehensive legislative package that will reduce our country’s greenhouse gas emissions.”

Exelon: "We are pleased that the draft bill announced today by Senators Kerry and Lieberman proposes a system for putting a price on carbon, which will use market forces to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the lowest possible cost … We also believe a strong climate policy has the potential to improve our energy security, create lasting, well-paying jobs and ensure America has a leading role in the global clean energy industry.”

FPL Group: “Senators Kerry and Lieberman deserve tremendous credit for crafting a proposal that would move the country in the right direction on energy and climate issues. After years of debate and half measures, the United States still lacks a long-term national energy strategy, leaving us behind other countries in building and exporting the clean energy economy of the future”

GE: “National energy policy must also drive the accelerated deployment of new technologies in the United States if America is to compete and win in the global race for clean energy technology leadership.  China and Europe already have enacted robust clean energy policies that are powering technology investment and job creation. It’s time for America to do the same.”

NRG: "This framework puts America on a clear pathway to create a vibrant, innovative clean energy economy to lead the next great global industrial revolution. NRG's planned construction of new nuclear generation would employ 6,000 workers and drive billions of dollars in additional American business spend. When this bill becomes law, it will call forth thousands more clean energy projects, right here at home."

PNM Resources: “The triple challenge of creating new jobs, securing our energy supply and reducing carbon emissions deserves a comprehensive approach like the Kerry-Lieberman bill…The Kerry-Lieberman bill is an important and constructive step forward, and we hope the U.S. Senate can reach broad, bipartisan consensus on these significant issues.”

Shell Oil: “We are pleased the senators engaged Shell, along with other energy companies and an array of environmental and business groups, in dialogue as the bill was developed. They have pursued an open and inclusive process and ensured that a range of views were taken into account.”

PSEG: "In order for the U.S. to compete in this global economy, there needs to be a price on carbon. A price on carbon will level the playing field and give businesses the certainty they need to invest in the new energy economy."

We Can Lead: “Sound energy policies are our best hope towards reclaiming America's competitive mantle as leaders in this next wave of economic growth - while working on climate stability and energy security. Now is the time for action.”

T. Boone Pickens: “Senators Kerry and Lieberman are to be commended for a plan that recognizes the economic and national security threat of our ever-increasing dependence on foreign oil, particularly OPEC oil … The time to act is now.”

US Climate Action Partnership: “This proposal sets the stage for the additional action required in the Senate to preserve and create American jobs, enhance our energy security and reduce emissions. Different stakeholders with disparate interests must now come together and work on a bipartisan basis toward a common goal of building a clean-energy economy so that the United States can compete in the 21st century.” 

More company statements can be found at the websites of USCAP and We Can Lead.