Cantor's job plan: a recovery led by casket makers?

It may not be front-page news but these are tough times for the U.S. funeral home industry.

That could all change if Rep. Eric Cantor, R-VA., has his way. 

Eric Cantor has a “job plan” for America – and the price tag is a mere 25,000+ preventable deaths per year.   That’s the number of lives that could be saved each year by updating health safeguards to protect Americans and their families from smog and toxic pollution from power plants, cement kilns and industrial boilers. And those are the safeguards that Cantor wants his colleagues in the house to block.

As part of the increasingly mindless attack by some in Congress on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Cantor has unveiled a supposed plan to revive the U.S. economy.   It reads like a laundry list of pollution that the House GOP apparently wants more of and their schedule for making it happen: 

  • Toxic power plant pollution and power plant pollution that drifts across state lines (referred to in Cantor’s memo as “Utility MACT and CSAPR (Week of September 19)"
  • Toxic pollution from thousands of industrial boilers (appearing as “Boiler MACT (Week of October 3)” in the memo)
  • Toxic pollution from cement kilns (“Cement MACT (Week of October 3)”)
  • Smog pollution (“Ozone Rule (Winter)”) 

Now, all of this pollution is dangerous, but let’s focus on smog for the moment.

My colleagues John Walke and Heather Taylor-Miesle over at the NRDC Action Fund have rebutted the outlandish claims Rep. Cantor makes about efforts to reduce smog pollution (“possibly the most harmful of all the currently anticipated Obama Administration regulations”) already, but I think it’s worth a little additional reflection. 

Here are a few facts (remember when those actually mattered?) worth pondering: 

We just haven’t seen any evidence that pollution creates jobs. But we know for sure that pollution takes lives. So how are Cantor’s ideas supposed to put people to work?

I mean, seriously, how many casket-making jobs can there be out there

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