Does Lord Voldemort Run the US Chamber of Commerce?

I’ve blogged before about the US Chamber of Commerce’s aggressive efforts to allow polluters to keep polluting. But as reveals with a new website, there’s a lot more than just pollution bubbling out of the Chamber’s cauldrons.

As the site reveals, the Chamber has also been busy fighting for tax breaks for big oil, opposing health care for more Americans, and plenty of other mischief. So much, in fact, you might think they are using time-turners to get it all done. Apparently, the US Chamber is like the Room of Requirement, transforming its agenda to suit whatever big company is writing the next check.

Like Voldemort (you don’t really need a link for him, do you?) Chamber of Secrets Chairman CEO Tom Donohue has been pursuing his agenda for a long time, and doesn’t tolerate dissension. Hmm…I wonder if he uses Horcruxes too?

Grab this portkey to check out the new site.

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