Dow and PEPCO Disagree with US Chamber Climate Stance, Too

More companies are going on the record to make clear that the US Chamber of Commerce's position on climate does not represent their views.

On Friday, Politico reported that NRG decided against joining the US Chamber because of its "extreme" position on climate.

Politico also reported that Dow says the US Chamber doesn't represent it when it comes to climate, either:

Dow Chemical, another company pushing for climate change legislation, says no one should construe its membership in the Chamber as an endorsement of its climate views.

"Dow affiliation with a particular group does not assume alignment with its principles on every issue, including climate change policy," said Dow spokesman David Winder.

And Delaware's News Journal reported on Sunday that PEPCO, a utility holding company that also has a seat on the US Chamber's board of directors, also rejects the US Chamer's views on climate:

Officials at Pepco Holdings . . . say the company disagrees with the chamber on this issue, although it will remain a member.

The company "supports congressional passage of climate change legislation in 2009."

Which - once again - reminds us that its a fair question to ask ""

US Chamber's Climate Credibility Crisis Counter:

Quit US Chamber over climate:  Apple, Exelon, PNM Resources, PG&E, PSEG, Levi Strauss & Co*, San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, Mohawk Paper.

Quit US Chamber Board over climate: Nike.

Refused to Join Chamber over climate: NRG Energy.

Companies that say the US Chamber doesn't represent their views on climate: Johnson&Johnson, General Electric, Alcoa, Duke, Entergy, Microsoft, Toyota(?), Royal Dutch Shell, Seventh Generation, Dow, PEPCO, and small businesses in Minnesota, Colorado and Wisconsin.

Local Chambers distancing themselves from the US Chamber: San Jose Chamber of Commerce, Greater New York Chamber of Commerce, Eastern Connecticut Chamber of Commerce.

Editorials and columns noting that the US Chamber is damaging its reputation and credibility: BusinessWeek, PRWeek, Fortune Magazine's Marc Gunther, Newsweek, LA Times, Washington Post.   

* UPDATE 11/12/09: Levi-Strauss informed us that the company did not leave the US Chamber over climate concerns, as Greenwire had reported.