Lethal Legislation: How Far Will Some in Congress Go to Protect Polluters?

This week the House is taking up a big spending bill to which a laundry list of riders have been attached that would remove essential protections for the air we breathe and the water we drink, not to mention do a bunch of favors for just about every polluting industry that lobbies Congress.

The group American Family Values focuses on the impact of this frontal assault on clean air with in a tv ad hitting the airwaves today. Noting that the Clean Air Act saves hundreds of thousands of lives per year - including lives of hundreds of babies - AFV has drawn a pretty clear line in the pollution for House members: letting the EPA do its job is about protecting the health of kids, their families, and all Americans.



Also, www.DirtySecrets.org is tracking the riders that would block health measures known to save lives - check out the latest "body count" there.

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