Real People in America Support Clean Energy

Amidst all the fake opposition to clean energy, some real people have been stepping forward to urge the US Congress to move forward on clean energy.

One day after an enthusiastic rally in Gary IN, at which NRDC President Frances Beinecke spoke and about which she blogged, the Made in America Jobs Tour rolled into Detroit where over 100 workers from local unions gathered in the red brick hall of USW Local 1299 to call on Congress to create new clean energy jobs by passing strong climate and energy legislation. 

Many workers at the rally explained why they think clean energy technology could be a real boost to the Michigan economy. "I'm all for cleaning up the environment and helping with global warming," one laid off steelworker said, "but I'm also looking to clean energy to bring me a paycheck." Check out this short video with some of their comments and other moments from the rally:

(Learn more about clean energy jobs and meet some clean energy workers here.)

Congressman John Dingell (D-MI), Detroit's economic champion for over half a century, led the charge, saying "We've got to get the Senators off their duffs and take action. Clean energy means more jobs for people in Michigan." Dingell played a key role in passing climate change legislation this summer. Rep. Dingell thanked the enthusiastic union crowd for their support and made a stirring speech about the importance of getting clean energy and climate change legislation through the senate this fall.

Other speakers included local state and union officials, and Assistant Secretary for the Department of Energy David Sandalow.