Southern Company Lobbyists Form New Front Group: CEIP

The Washington Times is reporting that yet another front-group is on the climate scene, saying

A new advocacy group seeking to expose what it says will be the high cost of climate-change legislation to consumers is spreading its message with the same tools that catapulted President Obama into office: blogs, Twitter and other new media outlets.

The Cost of Energy Information Project (CEIP) is the latest addition to the dozens of ad hoc organizations pressing lawmakers on Capitol Hill to consider the bill's effects before casting a vote. This group, backed by energy-producing interests, is clearly in the anti-legislation category.

While the story notes that the group is backed by "energy-producing interests", it doesn't say which ones.

But, conveniently enough, the article does identify the lobbyists that put it together: Haley Barbour, Morris Reid, Ed Rogers and Ed Gillespie.

Funny, Southern Company uses the Barbour, Griffiths and Rogers lobby shop, also known as BGR Government Affairs. And their most recent lobby disclosure form shows that Ed Rogers and Morris Reid lobbied for Southern Company on several issues, including climate change.

So does that mean that Southern Company is behind the new front-group? We don't know for sure. But they do seem to be the only energy-producing firm on BGR's client list.