Thanking Clean Power Plan Supporters

Thank Senator Bennett

Today, NRDC is launching a six-figure digital and newspaper ad campaign to thank Senators Michael Bennet of Colorado, Bob Casey of Pennsylvania and Mark Warner of Virginia for voting last month to defend the Obama Administration's Clean Power Plan against Republican attack.

The Clean Power Plan sets the first-ever limits on carbon pollution from power plants and is our best available tool to combat climate change. That has made it a constant target of Republican leaders in Congress, and just before Thanksgiving, the US Senate voted to repeal the Clean Power Plan. And earlier this week, the US House voted on exactly the same measures (but I'll come back to that in another blog.)

Polluters and their allies have been particularly aggressive in their opposition to the Clean Power Plan, but Senators Bennet, Warner and Casey chose to side with their constituents by voting to allow the historic limits on dangerous carbon pollution to go forward.

Here's what the ads, which started running this week, look like:

Thank Senator Casey
Thank Senator Warner

You can join us in thanking these Senators by sending them a quick note (if you live in their states):

To thank Colorado's Senator Bennet, click here.
To thank Virginia's Senator Warner, click here.
To thank Pennsylvania's Senator Casey, click here.

For more information about these thank you ads, see our press release here.

In addition to the strong support from Democrats, three Republican Senators - Ayotte, Collins and Kirk - voted against their party and in support of the Clean Power Plan. NRDC has been thanking Senators Ayotte and Collins, and our affiliate, the NRDC Action Fund, launched a thank-you ad campaign focused on Senator Kirk last week.