MTV changed how pop music is consumed by creating a fourth dimension to how music could be played and promoted beyond traditional forms of radio, concerts and selling records (er, cassettes, by that time). The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recent decision to require applying the EnergyGuide label to TV's sold in the U.S. will add a new dimension to how TV consumers will buy new TVs.

Yes, folks, I did just attempt to metaphorically tie MTV to the FTC; hence the title, "e-TV". (Not to be confused with another federal government body known as the FCC, which, I would imagine has a more direct and, how shall we say, less-than-cozy relationship with the network). 

The residing members of the Commission passed the measure with a resounding 4-0 vote.  The familiar yellow and black-text EnergyGuide label will look similar to the example below and provide useful information such as the estimated yearly cost of operating the TV and the cost range compared to other similar models.

EnergyGuide Label

Stakeholders have until May 14, 2010 to file comments on:

" . . . The FTC is seeking specific comments on issues such as the need for these labels; how the energy usage of televisions should be determined; the location, format, and content of energy disclosures; and the timing of the proposed labeling requirements. The agency is not proposing labeling requirements for other consumer electronics at this time, but seeks further comment on test procedures and other issues."

We applaud the FTC for moving forward on this important measure that empowers each of us as American consumers to know that effcient household appliances can save us energy and money.