New York Assembly Poised to Ramp-Up Local Solar Industry, Jobs

Our leaders in Albany are THIS close to taking giant leaps forward for

solar energy in the state.

Three-way negotiations are underway between Governor Cuomo and both houses of the state legislature to hammer out final language on the NY Solar Bill, which promises to:

  • Shave billions of dollars off New Yorkers’ energy bills
  • Put thousands of New Yorkers to work in solar installation, maintenance & manufacturing
  • Encourage clean energy investments here to the tune of millions of dollars
  • Power 400,000 homes in the state with clean, dependable solar energy

A version of this bill also passed the State Senate unanimously earlier this year. But we haven't reached the finish line just yet; and precious little time remains.

With less than a week remaining on the New York legislative calendar (this session is expected to end June 20), the Assembly, Senate and the Governor are in the midst of meetings (i.e. conference) to work out final bill language. Once they reach agreement, it will be able to go to Governor Cuomo's desk for signature to become law.

In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, New Yorkers understand all too well the urgent need to combat climate change and better prepare for its impacts. Solar power is ready to help New York tackle those challenges head-on. In the process, it can create thousands of jobs, lower bills and boost the state’s economic prosperity.

Our leaders in Albany must not miss the chance to deliver all of these benefits to the people of New York. We have but a fleeting moment before the session is ends to seize this opportunity to build a more resilient, safer, cleaner, more affordable, homegrown and renewable energy future in New York. 

Join us in urging leaders in Albany to work together today to get the New York Solar Bill across the finish line.