NRDC's Renewables for America Interactive Flashmap Gets an Update

Renewable Energy for America Flashmap screenshot

Our interactive Flashmap got updated yesterday with new information on:

  • Geothermal (utility-scale power plant) facilities currently operating
  • Solar -- including concentrated ("CSP") and large-scale Photovoltaic and/or Thin-Film "utility-scale" >20 MW -- facilities both planned and currently operating
  • Advanced Biofuel Facilities updates

The interactive Flashmap is also linked to new and updated State Renewable Resource Profiles with case studies.  These states are:

Have fun exploring! We welcome constructive feedback and your ideas of how we can improve your experience with the Flashmap and webpage, including any large-scale (>20 MW) renewable power projects that you might know about that are planned or up and running that are not shown.  

Final disclaimer: we remind you that these maps display the "technical" potential of renewable energy resources.  Certain sensitive lands -- such as parks, monuments and wildlife conservation areas -- and ecologically sensitive marine areas are not appropriate for energy development. In some of these places, energy development is prohibited or limited by law or policy, and in others it would be highly controversial. NRDC does not endorse locating energy facilities or transmission lines in such areas. Siting decisions must always be made extremely carefully, with impacts mitigated and operations conducted in an environmentally responsible manner. For more information on the intersection between clean energy development and wildland and wildlife conservation in the American West, including locations of parks, wildlife refuges and other conservation areas, see this Google Earth-based feature.