Obama: No Other Industry with More Potential to Create Jobs Now than Clean Energy

Obama's weekly address, along with the announcement yesterday of the return of solar to the White House residence is a clear sign that solar and renewables are more  mainstream and can be a big industry with enormous employment potential for the U.S. However, with the Department of Interior’s feeble schizophenic pace (ridiculously long for Cape Wind and ridiculously rushed for the CA solar projects just announced in the west) and, more importantly, with our Congress’ inability to provide any sort of comprehensive clean energy policy, we’re losing the industry to China. The administration  deserves a round of applause, but let no one think that a high profile demo or even approving a few big solar and wind projects comes close to making a competitive investment in a clean energy economy.  At the very least, in the coming weeks the Senate needs to pass a strong and truly clean Renewable Energy Standard, as well as for the DOI to continue to work with us in taking a smart and diligent approach to renewables siting on public lands and waters.

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Much-deserved credit to Bill McKibben of 350.org for making the trip to the White House to get 'em back up!