NRDC Response to Sens. Murkowski and Inhofe Investigation to Gas Prices in California

Hopefully Sens. Murkowski and Inhofe will finally realize in their investigation that as long as the oil industry has a monopoly on our transportation fuel sources, we will unfortunately remain subject to the profit-taking whims of oil companies, global price spikes and refinery outages.

We feel Californians pain at the pump. And it's natural for consumers to be wary of ever-rising gas prices, given the unpredictability we face each time we visit the gas station.

“But in a cynical twist the oil industry - led by the Western States Petroleum Association and a Chevron-backed front group, Fueling California - is now attacking California’s key policy to reduce oil dependency, cut carbon emissions, and provide consumers more clean fuel choices. 

“The solution is to reduce our overall fuel bills, through good policies like the new federal fuel efficiency standards that will double how far vehicles can go on a gallon of gasoline. We must also ensure that there is real competition in the transportation fuels market, through policies like California’s groundbreaking Low Carbon Fuel Standard and other components of AB 32.

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