Clean Energy Making Cents for Kasich


In speaking to reporters as of late, Ohio Gov. John Kasich is making some increasingly positive statements about clean energy.

His support for clean energy has gone from ....

...references in 2012 to a somewhat nebulous designation of energy efficiency as a key "pillar" of the then-newly elected Governor's "21st Century Energy Policy" ... just last month calling a long-term freeze on Ohio's energy efficiency and renewables standards "unacceptable"... just this week saying he'd veto a "bad" clean energy standard.

These incremental steps are a good sign and it's refreshing to see Kasich continuing to offer more specifics on where he stands on the issue.

As we wait for details on what a dead-on-arrival "bad" energy bill would look like, we have a few ideas of what a good bill should entail. For example, one that uses tools already at Ohio's fingertips to lower energy costs, grow local, clean energy jobs, and address climate change -

"Good" clean energy policies in Ohio are a surefire way to boost the state's economy, create clean jobs and protect public health. Common sense clean energy proposals makes cents for Ohioans and we look forward to seeing more details from Gov. Kasich in the coming months.