Ten Water-related Things to be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

Family.  A job.  Good health.  Freedom.  All these things are certainly worthy of appreciation any time of year. But this Thanksgiving I’m thinking about all the amazing ways in which water makes life better – ways that are perhaps so fundamental to our everyday existence that many people might rarely give them a second thought.  With our clean water laws under assault in Congress, perhaps there is no better time to think about the importance of water to all of us.   Here’s my Top Ten:

Ten water-related things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving



This list is hardly exhaustive, and nothing about water is to be taken for granted.  So as you sit down to dine this Thanksgiving, in addition to all the other things you might be thankful for this year, consider discussing how important water – the most basic of all things – is to you and your family.