Applauding the Call for Action on Climate, Tar Sands, Arctic and Boreal

I have been working on U.S. - Canada environmental issues for almost ten years - and many of my colleagues have done so for much longer. We have close and daily coordination among environmental groups on both sides of our shared border on everything from migrating wildlife, air pollution, climate change, and natural resources extraction. But this week was the first time I saw the leaders of our major environmental groups sit down together and talk about high level cooperation to tackle some of the biggest challenges we are facing in both of our countries.

Our environmental leaders called for action from both the U.S. and Canadian governments on climate, energy, dirty fuels and natural areas. It is exactly the right time for such a call for action. The United States is gaining momentum in its fight against global warming - moving forward with creating an economy and jobs based on safe and clean sources of energy. Internationally, we are moving towards increased action to reduce global warming pollution - especially in this lead up to the international climate negotiations in Copenhagen. And internationally, we are also already feeling the impacts of climate change - especially on some of our most precious northern regions such as the Arctic Ocean with its melting ice and the Boreal Forest which circles the Earth and is suffering from increasing fires, drying and insect depredation.

Now is the time for action. As countries, we have the ability, ingenuity and technology to move quickly. As an environmental community, we clearly have the will to work together.