San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf - yet another reason to support endangered species protections (VIDEO)

Happy Endangered Species Day!  To cap off our week-long series on farmers and fishermen who support endangered species protections for salmon and other fish in the Bay Delta, we present this video of Jacky Douglas, captain of the Wacky Jacky, a sport fishing boat in San Francisco’s Fisherman’s wharf.  As Jacky points out, “Salmon really made Fisherman’s wharf.”  She has been sport fishing salmon in the Bay Area for decades.  “They gave me a livelihood and supported my family.” She has also seen the effects of the salmon declines.  But, as Jacky says, “I’m not worried about myself...I care what the salmon’s going to do for future generations. They gotta live.”  And she also knows that protecting the fish is key to their survival and the survival of the fishing industry.  “Let the water flow at the right times and boy oh boy we’ll have a grand old time again. Let’s fight – together – for the salmon!”

Listen to Wacky Jacky’s story here:




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