Voices for America's Wildlife - Farmers in the Bay Delta Support Endangered Species Protections (VIDEO)

With Endangered Species Day coming up this Friday, a new website called Voices for America’s Wildlife is being launched that highlights stories of people from all walks of life who support protections for America’s endangered species. Many of the stories focus on people whose entire livelihoods are impacted directly by endangered species protections. In California’s Bay Delta, for example, farmers and fishermen depend on the same water supply as endangered salmon and other species – and yet many of them understand and appreciate the importance of protecting not just the water they need for their livelihoods, but for all the species that depend on it. Each day this week we will feature a story from various “voices” of the Bay Delta – both farmers and fishermen who support protections for America’s endangered species because they know that protecting the Bay-Delta and its endangered species protects their jobs, and sustains their way of life.

Today’s video introduces Cathy Hemley – her family owns a sixth generation fruit farm in the Bay Delta. She tells a story of why the Bay Delta is so unique and why she, as a farmer, recognizes the importance of protecting all of it. While some media reports have tried to pit farmers against fishermen on this issue, Cathy sees things differently. In fact, she says, “In the Delta, the farmers and the fishermen are one and the same.” They are stewards, she explains – which is the “kingpin of the whole water process – its stewardship, its conservation.”

Please go to http://www.wildlifevoices.org/ to hear other inspiring Voices for America’s wildlife.

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