Need Another Reason to Stop the Pebble Mine? Check Out Today's Ad in Politico!

Politico June 2015 Ads - 4.jpg

NRDC is running ads in Politico that highlight just a few (of the many) reasons why the Pebble Partnership should abandon its plan to build a gargantuan gold and copper mine at the headwaters of the world's greatest wild salmon fishery. Not only does the Pebble Mine face intense local and state-wide opposition, but the reputational, regulatory and environmental risks of the mine are staggering (EPA concluded that a tailings dam failure would be "catastrophic").

Here's another reason: the economic risks. And not just to the $1.5 billion annual commercial fishery that supports 14,000 jobs. The Pebble Mine is simply a bad investment:

All the major investors in Pebble Mine have fled the project: Mitsubishi left in 2011, Anglo American left in 2013, and Rio Tinto left in 2014.

It's time for Northern Dynasty Minerals - now the only "partner" remaining in the Pebble Partnership -to leave too. Click here to send your message. And stay tuned for our final ad, which runs next week...