NRDC Wears Blue to Support Our Oceans

NRDC Santa Monica

Today NRDC is Wearing Blue for the Oceans.  We’ve dressed the part to show our support for a strong national oceans policy.  Pictured below is the Santa Monica office.


Please join with us in supporting greater protection for our oceans by wearing blue today.  Once you’re in your finest blues, you can upload a photo to the Wear Blue for Oceans site, so everyone can see your support.

A strong, national oceans policy is urgently needed.  Ocean resources are currently governed by a jumble of more than 140 laws and 20 different agencies, each with different goals and often conflicting mandates. Like a Clean Air Act for our air or a Clean Water Act for our water, we need a national policy to protect our oceans. The Obama Administration is in the process of creating this policy.

President Obama created the Ocean Policy Task Force to develop a first ever National Policy for our oceans, coasts and Great Lakes last summer. The Administration’s Ocean Task Force came out with their initial policy recommendations in September.  The final recommendations are currently being drafted, so now is the time to send President Obama and his task force a strong message supporting a robust national ocean policy that will protect the health of our oceans. 

Take action and send a letter to President Obama, urging him to protect our oceans, coasts and Great Lakes.