Pebble Mine Ad in Politico: Another Reason to Walk Away from Bristol Bay

Politico June 2015 Ads - 2.jpg

NRDC is running a series of ads in Politico giving the Pebble Partnership plenty of reasons to walk away from their reckless scheme in Bristol Bay. Yesterday's ad focused on the local opposition to Pebble Mine. Today's ad focuses on the state-wide opposition:

In November 2014, Alaska voters overwhelmingly passed - with 65 percent of the vote (or more) in every precinct across the state - an initiative called "Bristol Bay Forever". The initiative protects the Bristol Bay watershed from large-scale sulfide mining - like the proposed Pebble Mine - that would harm wild salmon. It requires an affirmative finding (in the form of a duly enacted law) from the Alaska legislature that mining would not be harmful to wild salmon within the Bristol Bay Fisheries Reserve. Because of the relentless support of Bob Gillam, the Renewable Resources Foundation and other local voices, the initiative was a huge success and the lopsided outcome reflects broad opposition to the Pebble project across the state.

Before it withdrew from the Pebble Partnership and quit the Pebble Mine, Anglo American CEO Cynthia Carroll said "We will not go where communities are against us."

The communities of Bristol Bay are against the Pebble Mine.

The people of Alaska are against the Pebble Mine.

Click here to tell the Pebble Partnership to walk away from Bristol Bay. And stay tuned for yet another reason in our ad tomorrow...