USA Today Editorial: Climate Deniers Like "Birthers"

Last week I wrote about the recent National Academy of Sciences report, America's Climate Choices. But I think the editorials below from USA Today and the San Francisco Chronicle do a much better job of dealing directly with the importance of the study. For USA Today in particular, this is a strong stand.


From USA Today: Our view: America, pick your climate choices

One way to deal with a problem is to pretend it doesn't exist. This approach has the virtue of relieving you from having to come up with a solution, spend money or make tough choices. The downside, of course, is that leaky faucets and other problems rarely solve themselves and, in fact, usually get worse if ignored.

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From the San Francisco Chronicle: Denial won't make climate change go away

There are truthers who think the Sept. 11 attacks were staged by the U.S. government. Then there are birthers who believe President Obama isn't native born. And then there are the deniers who refused to accept the overwhelming scientific consensus on climate change.

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