Californians: Vote to Support the Environment

Vote Yes on Props 30, 37 and 39; No on Prop 31

When you go to the polls or fill out your absentee ballot for the November 6th election, please use your vote to help protect our health and environment here in California:

Vote YES on Prop 30 - The Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act

Proposition 30 would help balance the state budget by enacting a temporary increase in personal income tax rates for upper-income taxpayers, and extending the 2012 state sales tax rate for four years. Prop 30 would generate critical funds to preserve California’s natural resources and environmental programs, and prevent billions of dollars of additional cuts to our schools.

Vote NO on Prop 31 - Threatens State Laws that Protect our Environment

Proposition 31 proposes several reforms to the legislative and budget process, but contains a dangerous provision that would allow local governments to override state laws and regulations, putting our laws protecting air and water quality, the coast and endangered species at risk.

Vote YES on Prop 37 - Labeling Genetically Engineered Foods

Proposition 37 would require labeling food products that contain genetically modified organism ingredients. Disclosing these ingredients would give consumers a powerful tool to make better decisions about the food we buy. 

Vote YES on Prop 39 - Closes Corporate Tax Loophole

Proposition 39 would close a $1 billion tax loophole that gives out-of-state corporations an unfair tax advantage over California businesses. For the first five years, Prop 39 would dedicate half of these revenues to energy efficiency and clean energy programs, including those at schools and other public buildings; the other half of the revenues for the first five years would go to the state's general fund to help stabilize the state budget. Several other states, including Texas, New York and New Jersey, have implemented the same tax policy as Proposition 39.

For information on the other measures on the ballot, check out the California Choices website.   


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