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Koch Brothers Struggling to Block Climate Action in State Legislatures

An alphabet soup of polluter-funded groups is taking credit for the latest state legislative push against climate action.

Koch group AFP ratchets up climate denial for 2016

Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the crown jewel of the Koch Brothers' conservative network, is well-known for its attacks on "Obamacare" in recent years. Now, the Koch front group is putting climate and clean energy in the crosshairs for 2016.

ALEC's climate denial strategies flop in 2015 sessions; Major utility AEP drops membership

One of the country's largest utility companies, American Electric Power (AEP), made waves yesterday when it confirmed it has dropped membership from a prominent climate denial front group.

State legislators support climate action at NCSL's Seattle conference

Legislators from states all over America gathered in Seattle this week, and climate change was at the top of the agenda.