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Is Dominion's Pipeline Violating the Law?

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) hasn’t even gotten final approval yet, but we’re deeply concerned about reports from both state regulators and citizen monitors that Dominion may already be violating its permits.

Are Appalachian Pipelines Being Built to Increase Exports?

There are at least 15 massive new fracked gas pipelines planned or under development in the Appalachian region, with more proposed for other regions.

Virginia Groundwater Needs Protection From Pipelines

In 2016, the Virginia Office of Environmental Health and Safety recommended a thorough survey of all private water wells and springs, as well as septic systems, within 1,000 feet of a pipeline—at a minimum

Northam Must Act to Protect Clean Water from Pipelines

A new report issued today, prepared by experts in water quality on behalf of NRDC, outlines the severe threats to clean water posed by construction and operation of

Natural Gas Industry Admits New Pipelines Aren’t Needed

Some proponents of new pipelines point to the recent cold snap and claim that more fracked gas pipeline capacity is needed to meet winter spikes in natural gas demand. However, the facts don’t back this up.

North Carolina's Bad Decision on Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Earlier today the Governor of North Carolina announced that he has approved Clean Water Act certification for the portion of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) that would go through his state. This dirty fracked gas pipeline is wrong for many reasons.