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Partnerships for a Resilient Planet

Emphasizing that global warming is one of the “greatest threats to human survival,” India is moving forward with action on climate change – including the 20

National Cooling Action Plan: Long-Term Strategies for India

Guest Blog by Amartya Awasthi and Bhaskar Deol

India Green News: 4th Straight Hottest Year in India & More

2017 was the fourth straight hottest year recorded in India; How energy efficiency policies can help India save almost $17 billion by 2030; Air pollution-linked deaths will triple by 2050 if no action is taken

India Focus: 5 Big Ideas for a Bright Future

In a major milestone, India achieved its goal of 20 gigawatts (20GW) of installed solar energy this week. That is tremendous solar energy growth in the last eight years and, four years ahead of the original National Solar Mission target of 20 GW installed capacity by 2022.

Children First: Frontlines of India’s Air Pollution Crisis

Guest Blog by Sayantan Sarkar

India’s 1st Online Building Efficiency Compliance System

In a significant milestone to save energy and reduce power use in fast-growing cities, the State of Telangana and its hi-tech capital, Hyderabad launched a groundbreaking online sys