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Toxic Flame Retardant Chemicals Have Gotta Go

By Avinash Kar, NRDC; Alvaro Casanova, Center for Environmental Health; and Carroll Wills, California Professional Firefighters

Court Upholds CA Reliance on Expert Science Against Monsanto

In a major victory for public health and independent science last week, a California Court of Appeal ruled against Monsanto and for California voters’ reliance on the findings of expert scientific bodies to identify dangerous chemicals.

Animal Antibiotic Sales Finally Drop, But Much Work Remains

By Avinash Kar, NRDC and Eili Klein, Center on Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy

CPSC Bans Toxic Chemicals in Kid’s Toys, Child Care Articles

Hurray for CPSC. Phthui for phthalates.

CPSC commissioners took an important step today to protect children’s health.

New CA Law Requires Cleaning Products Disclose Ingredients

Transparency: Fundamental Protection Against Toxic Chemicals