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Ten New Cities Join the City Energy Project

Our cities are hotbeds of innovation and progress when it comes to solving some of the most pressing climate and energy challenges of today.

Enabling Industry to Do More With Less - BlueGreen Alliance's Policy Platform to Improve Industrial Energy Efficiency

America’s manufacturing sector is the largest in the world and reducing energy waste at industrial facilities can provide huge benefits for the companies, workers, and the communities in which they work.  That was reinforced yesterday by the BlueGr

The Public Supports Light Bulb Standards--It's Time Congress Listened

The public strongly supports energy efficiency standards for light bulbs that were passed with bipartisan support in Congress and signed into law by President George W. Bush in 2007 and went into effect this year.

Who is Sen. DeMint Working for?

Just who is South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint working for?

Last week, the Republican senator introduced legislation (S. 2064) that would terminate existing incentives for clean energy technologies.

State of the Union: Clean Energy Bridges Partisan Divide

Among the national priorities highlighted in President Obama’s State of the Union speech, few garnered as strong a positive reaction from voters as his plan to reform our energy system and build the nation’s rapidly growing c