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Catapulting New Jersey Into the Clean Energy Future

The New Jersey legislature is about to lay the foundation for the thriving clean energy economy that Governor Murphy envisioned in this campaign promise. After years watching Gov. Christie administration pander to the fossil fuel industry, New Jersey will finally enjoy a policy designed to drive investment in energy efficiency, solar and wind power.

Will NJ Lawmakers Give Governor Christie a Nuclear Goodbye Gift?

The state’s electric customers may be forced to pay a bigger utility bill to keep something they already have.

NJ’s Proposed Nuclear Bailout Explained: A Closer Look

December 21st UPDATE: After yesterday’s hearing, the Senate Environment and Energy Committee and the Assembly Telecommunications and Utilities Committee passed the nuclear bailout bills.

New Jersey’s Nuclear Bailout Explained: First Look

Late last night the New Jersey State Senate introduced its controversial lame duck bailout for the state’s nuclear plants.

NJ Lawmakers: Support Nuclear Transition, Not Bailout

A coalition of local and national environmental groups, including NRDC, today formally urged the New Jersey Legislature to take the time needed to determine whether the state’s nuclear plants require financial support, and if so to craft an approach that is narrowly tailored and fully protective