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Don’t Waste that Turkey: Tips to Save the Food this T-Day

You’re gearing up for Thanksgiving dinner. Assignments are out to various attendees for sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. Now, it’s time to figure out what size turkey to buy.

Food Waste Goes to Capitol Hill: NRDC Testifies Before House Committee Today

It’s been an exciting few weeks for those of us working reduce the massive 40% of food that goes to waste less in America every year.

Save the Food

NRDC has teamed up with the Ad Council to help us curb hunger, save money, and help the environment — all by watching our waste.

Four Markers of Progress in 2015 for Cutting U.S. Food Waste

There's no doubt about it. This was an exciting year in the U.S. for us food waste geeks. And while we still don't have the measurement tools to demonstrate less food was actually wasted, there are a handful of ways to demarcate real progress was made in the U.S.

A High Five to Congress on Food Donation

Note: This blog was co-authored with JoAnne Berkenkamp.