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Reflections as My NRDC Chapter Comes to a Close

At the end of this month, I’ll be closing this wonderful and crazy chapter of my professional life here at NRDC and opening a new one, consulting on efficient food systems (lest you think I’d stray too far).

New Research to Help Waste Less Food in America’s Cities

Co-Authored with Devon Klatell, The Rockefeller Foundation

WASTED: Second Edition of NRDC’s Landmark Food Waste Report

Food waste occurs at all levels of the supply chain.

Food Industry Takes Giant Step to Solve the Dating Game

Today is a big day for anyone who throws out food that’s past its date or has wondered what the heck those dates mean.

Finally a Coordination Hub! Announcing Further with Food

Ever since launching my Wasted report in 2012, I have found myself in the middle of an exciting firestorm of interest on how to get America and Americans to waste less food.