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Report: What, Where, and How Much Food Is Wasted in Cities

Food is the largest component of what we send to landfills in the U.S., representing nearly 22% of disposed municipal solid waste.

Tackling Food Waste at the City Level: The Nashville Food Waste Initiative

Forty percent of the food we produce in the U.S. goes uneaten. That means all the water, energy, agricultural chemicals, labor, and other resources we put into growing, distributing, selling, and consuming food get wasted too.

National Geographic Adding Recycled Content to Flagship Magazine

The magazine famous for showcasing the natural wonders of the world for generations is now helping to preserve them in its own pages.

Tell Capri Sun Manufacturer to "Respect the Planet, Stop the Pouch"

This week, NRDC joined a coalition of organizations working on waste and recycling, plastic pollution and resource conservation to launch the Make It, Take It Campaign, a collaborative effort to pres