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Energy Efficiency Leads Climate Fight at Lowest Cost, Impact

This is part of a series of blogs on NRDC’s new report, “America’s Clean Energy Frontier: The Pathway to a Safer Climate Future”

The Department of Energy Is Failing to Do Its Job

Elections have consequences, and therefore a new administration can change the priorities of a federal agency such as the Department of Energy as they want, right?


The Trump Bubble

The stock market is up some 7 percent since the election. Stock markets are an expression of confidence in future economic growth, because buying stock in a corporation means buying a share of its future profits. The market clearly thinks that the Trump presidency will be good for business.

International Standard Helps Utilities Fight Climate Change

Many consumers want their utilities to be leaders in the global effort to reduce climate pollution, especially since such leadership results in lower bills.

A Forgotten Tool to Solve the Housing Crisis

“The California housing crisis is even worse than we thought…California is the hardest state in the nation for people to buy their first home.

Hyderabad Announces Cool Roofs Initiative with Experts

Co-authored with Nehmat Kaur and Sameer Kwatra