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Montreal Holds 30th B-Day Party for Ozone-Saving Treaty

Co-authored by Alex Hillbrand

The world returns to Montreal this week to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the 1987 Montreal Protocol, the treaty that saved the ozone layer. 

Scott Pruitt Is Still Dancing to the Beat of Big Polluters

EPA Administrator Pruitt is putting the interests of Big Oil and Big Coal ahead of the health of Americans.

Trump’s Dirty Power Plan: Another Repeal and Replace Scam

Speaking on FOX News from Hazard, Kentucky, as the season’s fourth hurricane still pummels the southeast, EPA chief Scott Pruitt said that tomorrow he will propose to repeal the Clean P

NRDC, Industry Ask Court to Rehear Critical Case on HFCs

NRDC and leading companies are asking the full federal appeals court in Washington today to rehear and reverse a divided panel’s August decision blocking the Environmental Protection Agency from cutting emissions of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).  

Celebrating the Planet-Saving Ozone Treaty’s 30th Birthday

Post co-authored with Alex Hillbrand

Two billion years ago, blue-green algae floating atop Earth’s primordial oceans had an interesting idea.