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Kemper County IGCC: Death Knell for Carbon Capture? NOT.

After almost 7 years of design and construction work, and over $7 billion spent, the much-publicized Kemper County coal gasification power plant will now run on natural

Cleaner Power for Americans: Putting People First, Not Coal Companies

On Monday President Obama announced EPA's new safeguards to clean up America's power plants, putting an end to the era of unlimited coal plant pollution. Within hours, the air was filled with complaints that the standard is too tough on states where coal dominates the power market.

Big Coal's War on Itself

Co-authored by Andrew Stevenson, independent financial analyst.

Over the past year the Big 3 of the US coal industry (Peabody Energy, Arch Coal, and Alpha Natural) have seen their combined market cap fall from $6bln to $350mln and their funding rates soar from 8% to 65%.

Setting State Carbon Pollution Targets

In June, EPA proposed  the first-ever carbon pollution standards for fossil-fuel power plants.  Since then, a bevy of pundits have been busy finding fault with various aspects of the proposal.  For th

Unpacking EPA's Carbon Pollution Proposal

Let me start by saying I am not going to be talking in this blog about the most important issue presented by EPA’s proposal to cut carbon pollution from existing power plants.  That key issue is how m

ExxonMobil to Humanity: "Drop Dead (but keep your motors running)"

Running a major oil company means not having to say you’re sorry.  Or at least that’s what ExxonMobil’s managers seem to believe.  Earlier this week the oil giant posted a