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CA Bill Aims to Pay Truckers Fairly and Clean Up Ports

Truck drivers serving California’s ports have been misclassified as independent contractors rather than employees for decades.

Federal Government Attack on California Public Lands

The Trump Administration is notorious for wanting to sell off public lands and has threatened to undo federal protections of some public lands in California.

California Cap & Trade Extension Comes with Cleaner Air, Too

One of the bills recently enacted as a companion to the extension of California’s carbon pollution cap and trade law extension is AB 617, principally authored by Assembly Member Cristina Garcia.

Why Attacking California’s Clean Car Program Is a Loser

The Trump Administration today directed federal agencies to begin rolling back commonsense clean car and fuel economy standards

Baseless Threats to California's Clean Car Waiver

California, long a land of pioneers, leads the nation in developing emissions standards to reduce pollution from cars and trucks. These standards have cleaned up the Golden State’s air, and have benefited other states following California’s lead.

Exide and Quemetco: Comparing the Clean Up of L.A.'s Lead Battery Plants

The following guest post was written by attorney, Caroline Reiser, who is currently working at NRDC's Santa Monica office for the Southern California Air Program.