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Who’s Afraid of Litigation Challenging the Delta Tunnels?

The House Interior Appropriations Committee, led by Rep.

Dam Advocates "Pound the Table" at the CA Water Commission

In recent weeks, there have been howls of protest aimed at the California Water Commission from the proponents of big new dams like Temperance Flat and Sites Reservoir, because the Commission rigorou

WaterFix Economic Study Doesn’t Pencil Out

Earlier this week, the Department of Water Resources released an “Economic Analysis of Stage I of the California WaterFix” prepared by Dr. David Sunding.  In 2016, Dr.

What Does the CWC's Review of Water Storage Projects Mean?

Tomorrow the California Water Commission will publicly release its initial reviews of the 11 remaining applications submitted by water storage projects seeking funding from the 2014 water bond (Proposition 1).  As the San Jose Mercury News

WaterFix and the Myth of Reliability

Proponents of the Delta tunnels often claim that WaterFix ensures reliable water supplies. But what does “reliable” mean in this context?