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Ahmedabad, India: Protecting the Most Vulnerable from Dangerous Air Pollution

Cities are the incubators of change. I had the opportunity to see city leadership in action during my recent visit to Ahmedabad, a rapidly urbanizing city in western India grappling with rising air pollution levels.

Keeping India Cool

Keeping cool in India is not just a matter of comfort. It’s a matter of life and death.

Lessons Learned from the Frontlines of the Climate Fight

I started fighting climate change almost 20 years ago. Back then it was a topic largely for environmentalists and scientists.

Governor Cuomo Protects New York State from Reckless Fracking

In a major victory for people’s health and local communities, Governor Cuomo has banned fracking for oil and gas in New York State. The governor based this decision on sound science and thorough review, refusing to buckle under pressure from powerful oil and gas companies.

A Welcome Shift at UN Climate Talks in Lima: A Focus on Action Now

Intense storms pounded communities from the Philippines to Northern California to Johannesburg over the past few weeks, threatening millions of people—the poor and vulnerable most of all. At the same time, the UN climate talks were underway in Lima, Peru.