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Global Warming, the Economy, and the Get Out of Jail Free Card

If 2007 was the year that ended the debate over the science of global warming, 2008 is going to be the year when the economics of solving this crisis will take center stage.

Neurotic Mothers or Inattentive Government?

When my three daughters were small, I didn’t worry about lead poisoning, because the main sources I could think of--gasoline and paint--had been prohibited by law. And the only health concern I had about all their plastic Polly-Pocket toys was whether or not they would choke on them.

Don't Just Treat Cancer; Fight It Before It Comes

I am in Cambridge today for some meetings at MIT, and as I rode along the Charles River and through the maze of city streets, I noticed the proliferation of bio-tech companies. Several firms have set up shop here to be close to Boston’s supply chain of engineering and medical brilliance.

Will US Negotiators in Bali Listen to Global Civil Society?

 Will the US Negotiators in Bali Listen to the Global Civil Society? 

Remembering the Boreal in the Midst of Bali

Bali is one of those places that you might dream about but don’t really expect to visit, at least not for serious work!

Protecting the Earth and Promoting the Economy


I come from a long line of business people. My father ran a family business that started in 1896.  I on the other hand went down a different path and became an environmentalist.