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Make Your Voices Heard: Vote in the 2014 Elections

Now is the time of year Americans can exercise our most powerful form of citizen activism. We get to cast our ballots for the leaders of our choice. This is an opportunity not to be squandered, and I urge you to seize it this election season.

This Is How America Will Cut Dangerous Pollution and Stamp Out Our Carbon Footprint

Millions of people in Southern California were under an excessive heat warning a few weeks ago. The Los Angeles Unified School District cancelled outdoor sporting events and more than 100 San Diego schools sent children home early to shield them from the heat.

The World We Create: My New Book and a Message of Hope for the Planet

My work at NRDC has brought me to the front lines of the climate crisis. I have flown over the massive tar sands strip mines in the boreal forest. I have visited the homes of people coping with frack pads and wastewater ponds in their backyards.

Obama Preserves San Gabriel Mountains in LA's Backyard

America grew richer in natural heritage today. President Obama is declaring Los Angeles’ San Gabriel Mountains a national monument, ensuring this beautiful landscape will remain wild for generations to come.

La acción climática se siente a todo nivel, desde las calles hasta las Naciones Unidas

Algo extraordinario pasó en la Cumbre sobre el clima de las Naciones Unidas el martes. Uno tras otro, los líderes mundiales describieron ante todos lo que su país está haciendo para reducir la contaminación que causa el cambio climático.

Climate Action Happening at Every Level, from the Streets to the UN

Something extraordinary happened at the United Nations Climate Summit on Tuesday. One world leader after another took to the podium and described what his or her nation is already doing to reduce climate change pollution. Many also announced new measures and committed to future steps.