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Governments Still Financing Coal Plants Abroad in 2018

This post was co-authored with Noah Lerner

Japan: Second Worst in G7 at Reforming Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Despite Japan’s commitments to phase out fossil fuel subsidies and tackle climate change under the Paris Agreement, the government—like all G7 governments—continues to provide billions in support to oil, gas and coal, both domestically and internationally, through fiscal support and public financ

G7 Countries Waste $100 Billion A Year On Coal, Oil and Gas

Government support for coal, oil and gas in the G7 countries totals over $100 billion a year. This support for the production and consumption of oil, gas and coal not only wastes taxpayer money, it also runs counter to the pledges of the G7 nations to end fossil fuel subsidies by 2025.

Time for the US to End Fossil Fuel Subsidies

A new study, the G7 Fossil Fuel Subsidy Scorecard, measured the US against other G7 countries on each country’s progress in eliminating fossil fuel subsidies.

Japanese Insurance Companies Begin Restricting Coal Finance

Major Japanese life insurance companies are finally starting to recognize that investments in new coal-fired power generation projects are both financially and environmentally irresponsible.

COALLUSION: The US and Japan’s Global Pro-Pollution Agenda

In US Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s opening address at the CERAweek conference, he tried to garner interest for a global pro-fossil fuel alliance.