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COALLUSION: The US and Japan’s Global Pro-Pollution Agenda

In US Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s opening address at the CERAweek conference, he tried to garner interest for a global pro-fossil fuel alliance.

G20 Countries' Public Coal Financing Reaches Five-Year High

This post was co-authored with Noah Lerner

Power Shift: New Report on International Coal vs. RE Finance

One year after the Paris Agreement entered into force, are countries really shifting their financial flows to be consistent with a low-greenhouse-gas-emissions future?

A Global Alliance to Phase Out Coal Forms at COP23

In the same week Trump Administration officials tried to convince negotiators at the global COP23 climate conference that more coal use was needed, a global alliance of over t

Too Coal-Hearted: Japan and Korea’s Support for Dirty Energy

Two years ago, OECD countries agreed to place limits on coal finance. Are countries following through on their commitments? The results are mixed. Most governments have stopped financing coal and shifted finance to clean energy projects.

Implementing the Paris Agreement: 1st Year Progress Report

One year after the Paris Agreement officially entered into force, how are countries doing on meeting their climate commitments? More than 160 countries have formally joined the agreement, and are moving forward to implement policies to tackle climate change.