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49 Groups’ (Energy Efficiency) Love Letter to Gov. Cuomo

This Valentine’s day, NRDC, along with 48 organizations, sent a letter to Governor Cuomo expressing support for energy efficiency and urging him to show his love for clean en

RGGI Agrees to Cut Power Plant Pollution by Another 30%

A bipartisan coalition of nine Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states today agreed to a bold plan to cut power plant pollution by at least another 30 percent through 2030, reaffirming the groundbreaking leadership of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) in the face of the Trump administration’s abandonment of climate progress.

Huge Climate Opportunity If RGGI Governors Step Up

The governors of nine Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states are about to make a momentous climate decision: how much power plant pollution they’re going to cut, and how fast they’ll cut it.

Tighter Pollution Cap Could Get RGGI States $3.2B Extra

The nine states in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) would gain $3.2 billion extra in clean energy funding—nearly a quarter-billion dollars more annually—by choosing the most ambitious power plant pollution cuts currently under consideration for the next phase of their pioneering clim