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Surging Global Clean Energy Investments in 2017

Global clean energy investments soared in 2017—reaching $335.5 billion—to the second highest level in history—despite the falling cost of clean energy. This trend occurred even as President Trump tried to stall international progress with attempts to undo U.S.

January 18, 2018

Climate Action Momentum Continues at COP23: What’s Next?

Leaders concluded the negotiations in Bonn, Germany with stronger actions and a clear-eyed focus on the additional steps that need to be strengthened in the coming years. The train (or the zero emissions vehicle) is leaving the station and the Trump Administration is standing alone on the platform.

November 17, 2017

International Climate Action Continues: Key Trends at COP23

It has been almost two years since world leaders agreed to the historic Paris Agreement. Since then a lot has changed (both positive and negative). As leaders meet in Bonn, Germany for the next round of international climate negotiations there will be several key issues on the table.

November 02, 2017