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K-Solar Lets the Sunshine In

New York's first-in-the-nation K-Solar program (read that "K through Solar"), designed to help schools across the state tap into the pollution-free power of the sun, announced an important milestone last week: A Bronx sch

Solar Schools: Challenge Accepted

At NRDC, we had this idea that community action could help put solar on K-12 schools--the very same schools our nation's kids are attending now, the schools that are, as one of our organizers put it, "fundamentally an experience of a community investing in its future." This fall and winter,

New York Launches Community Solar NY to Jumpstart Solarize Campaigns Across the State

For New Yorkers interested in going solar, there’s good news from the state today: From now until January 30th, Governor Cuomo’s NY-Sun Initiative, designed to help promote 3 gigawa

Going Back to School. Moving Forward with Solar.

While this may have been a tough week for some of New York’s school kids, who, in the last few days, have headed back to class, the school districts that educate them, just got some great news: